Florida middle school students arrested for allegedly creating deepfake nude photos of classmates


Two teenage boys from Miami, Florida, were arrested in December for creating and sharing AI-generated nude photos of male and female classmates without their consent, according to police reports obtained by WIRED through a public records request.

Arrest reports state that the boys, aged 13 and 14, drew pictures of students who were “between 12 and 13 years old”.

The Florida case appears to be the first arrest and criminal charges resulting from the alleged sharing of AI-generated nude images. The boys were charged with a third-degree felony under a state law passed in 2022 — crimes at the same level as grand theft auto or false imprisonment — that would allow sharing of “any altered sexual depiction” of a person without his or her consent. Creates a felony.

The parents of one of the boys arrested did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication. The parents of the other boy said they had “no comment.” The detective assigned to the case and the state attorney handling the case did not respond for comment in time for publication.

As AI image-creation tools have become more widely available, there have been several high-profile incidents in which minors allegedly created AI-generated nude images of classmates and shared them without consent. No arrests have been disclosed in publicly reported cases at Issaquah High School in Washington, Westfield High School in New Jersey and Beverly Vista Middle School in California, even though police reports were filed. At Issaquah High School, police chose not to press charges.

The first media reports of the Florida case came out in December, stating that both boys were suspended for 10 days from Pinecrest Cove Academy in Miami after school administrators learned of the allegations that they had consented. Had created and shared fake nude photos without. When the victims' parents learned about the incident, many began publicly urging the withdrawal of the boys from the school.

Nadia Khan-Roberts, the mother of one of the victims, told NBC Miami in December that for all the families whose children were victims, the incident was traumatic. “Our daughters do not feel comfortable walking down the same aisle with these boys,” he said. “It makes me feel humiliated, I feel taken advantage of [of] And I feel addicted,” one victim told the TV station on condition of anonymity.

WIRED obtained arrest records this week, which say the incident was reported to police on December 6, 2023, and both boys were arrested on December 22. Records accuse the pair of using “an artificial intelligence application” to create fake explicit images. , The name of the app was not specified, and reports claimed that the boys shared photos between each other.

“The incident was reported to a school administrator,” the report said, without specifying who reported it or how that person became aware of the images. The report states that after school administrators “obtained copies of the altered images”, administrators interviewed the victims depicted in them, who said they had not consented to the images being created.