First camera samples with the Galaxy S24 Ultra: Here's how they look next to the S23 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max


Samsung's Galaxy S24 series is official, and even though all of the lineup is getting some AI goodness to elevate their camera systems to the next level, it's the Galaxy S24 Ultra that offers the best of the best that Samsung has to offer Is.

Updates: Now we have some samples from the main camera as well. Here's how they look going forward Galaxy S23 Ultra And iPhone 15 Pro Max,

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We wanted to know how the new 50MP 5X telephoto camera compares to the 10MP 10X telephoto on the Galaxy S23 Ultra as well as the 12MP 5X on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Keep in mind that all of these cameras have a periscope lens that allows them to achieve incredible zoom without needing to be physically larger and taking up a lot of space.

We also wanted to check out the new color tuning solution, which makes colors more natural and true to life. But before we go any further, let's take a look at the samples first:

It goes without saying that Samsung is telling the truth when it makes this claim Galaxy S24 There are more natural colors. Of course, it's hard to say when taking photos in artificially lit environments, needless to say these are quick snapshots taken during our hands-on experience with the phone. That being said, overly saturated and contradictory looks seem to be a thing of the past.

As for the new 5X telephoto camera, at least from indoor photos it can be seen that it performs just as well at 10x zoom as its predecessor's dedicated 10x snapper, and much better. Is. iPhone 15 Pro Max,

We'll be testing this and the rest of the camera system in proper depth, so make sure you come back again to see how the S24 Ultra compares to its stiffest competition.