Fighter showed expected growth on Sunday as Rs. 11.50 crore arrived. Yes, there was some kind of hope that maybe with a good push, the collections will reach Rs. 10 crore marks at least once again in the film's run. However, it was always going to be difficult as Monday's fall was truly lethal. Still, there can always be miracles and that happened with the movie not only on Sunday but also the Saturday before.

Fighters Box Office: Grows Further Over Saturday, Remains Above Rs.  10 crore marks again on SundayFighters Box Office: Grows Further Over Saturday, Remains Above Rs.  10 crore marks again on Sunday

Both days I scored in double figures and that has been a relief. Furthermore, that has now boosted the film's case for an entry in the Rs. 200 Crore Club. That's what made both of us tiger 3 and Dunki respectable because while the Salman Khan starrer, in fact, came close to matching the Rs. With a mark of 300 crores (and in retrospect, everything seems much better), Shah Rukh Khan's film also comfortably reached the double century mark, and then grossed a little more, although it was quite evident that eventually even Rs. 250 crores would be a challenge for that.

In case of Fighter, which is quite expensive, it would be interesting to see how much further than the Rs. Travel 200 million rupees; more so because the quality of the content actually guaranteed that I would earn the Rs. 300 crore club with ease. This is one of those cases in which a good film does not reach the public optimally. It currently stands at Rs. 166.50 crore, one hopes to see if it somehow manages to make its way to Rs. 225 crores for life.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources.

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