Fighter has had a lackluster opening at the box office as early estimates indicate an opening day of Rs. 20 to 22 crores. The film opened with low numbers in the morning shows, but the occupancy improved towards the afternoon, afternoon and evening shows, pushing it towards Rs. 20 crore mark. It's the lowest start for the combination of Hrithik Roshan and Siddharth Anand, and leaves a lot for the film to cover in the long run. With the Republic Day holiday on day 2, Fighter will see a 100 percent growth in numbers.

Fighter has been raised primarily in the four major cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata); However, business outside of metropolitan areas is poor, to say the least. The great advantage for Fighter The reports are positive and the movie is likely to show huge profits on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fighter will aim to enter Rs. 100 Crore Club in a span of 4 days and then continues to run in cinema halls for a long time.

The opening day numbers are not up to par, but thankfully, director Siddharth Anand has delivered on the content front. The reason for the opening can be attributed to poor marketing. It's a shame that a big-budget aerial action film with A-list stars and directors suffers from a very poor marketing and PR campaign and that producers have to review their strategies for positioning high-value performers.

A film like Fighter should have easily fetched Rs. Between Rs 35 and 40 crore on the first day, but there is not enough awareness among the audience on the ground. Positive conversations should translate into big numbers, especially in urban areas.

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