Did Jimmy Kimmel's 'Poor Things' Joke Angry Emma Stone? The reaction of the Twitterati actress who reads lips |


Emma Stone goes viral once again, this time it's for his reaction to a joke made by Jimmy Kimmel about his filmpoor things'in 2024 academy awards.
The actress, who last made headlines for her viral reaction to Jo Koy's joke about Taylor Swift in it golden balloonswent viral on social media again and fans speculated what he had to say about Jimmy's joke directed at his movie.
During the ceremony, Kimmel made a joke about the film's adult content, suggesting it was too racy for television broadcast. Those who tuned in to the show noticed Emma leaning toward her husband to make a comment, which sparked two different theories about her response.
Some fans speculated that Emma referred to Kimmel as a “p***k,” while others suggested she called him a “w****r.” One viewer even hailed it as the highlight moment of the ceremony. Check out the reactions below:

Stone, is set to win her second Oscar tonight, for her role as Bella Baxter in the Yorgos Lanthimos film, earning her second Best Actress nomination for her role.
'Poor Things' took home the Oscars for Best Production Design, Best Costume Design and Best Makeup and Hairstyling at the 96th Academy Awards.
The film has earned nominations in 11 categories and is also nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture.