Dev-focused note-taking startup Stashpad launches Google Docs alternative you can use without any login


Stashpad, a developer-focused “DM to Yourself” style notebook app, is now moving to a Docs app that you can use without logging in. The company will still keep its original Notes app and call it “Stashpad Lists.”

Stashpad Docs is the company's new offering that requires no login and supports Markdown formatting. The product is browser first and document history is stored locally, so users can search for documents without querying the server. The company said that while there is no offline support at the moment, it is a feature that the startup will introduce in the future.

You can easily share these documents for others to view and collaborate with. However, some features like read-only sharing are behind login. While most of the features are free to use, people have to pay for pro features like restricted access and priority support. The company is pricing the Pro plan at $12 per month or $8 per month if you pay annually.

The company said collaboration is a key use case for the Docs product as it claims to support real-time conversations with less than 50 milliseconds of delay.

Why pivot?

The startup, which has raised $2 million so far, told TechCrunch that it wasn't seeing the growth it expected with the note-taking product because the audience for it was too small.

While building collaboration features for the note-taking app, company co-founder and CEO Kara Borenstein found there was a big demand for a use case like Google Docs when working with others.

“As we began adding multiplayer functionality to our core product, we conducted several user interviews to understand how engineering teams manage notes and documents in a collaborative setting,” he said in an email.

“One thing that impressed us is that, even when teams had an official team wiki (using a tool like Confluence or Notion), they still often resorted to Google Docs for various use-cases. They may do this without even fully acknowledging that Google Docs remains a big part of their workflow.

With this new product, Stashpad aims to attract both technical and non-technical users. Additionally, the document sees an enterprise-sized opportunity for the product.