Daisy Shah talks about her recovery from jaundice; she says: 'I can't exert myself physically right now' | Hindi Movie News


Actor Margaret Shah who made a striking debut in 2014 against Salman Khan This year he will complete a decade-long journey as an actor in the film industry. Recently, the 'jai-hoThe actress revealed that she was diagnosed with jaundice and has been on the road to recovery ever since.
In an interview with Hindustan Times, Daisy flower mentioned that the recovery process is ongoing and will require more time to fully recover. In recounting the onset of her illness, she explained that he initially experienced symptoms of malaise and a slight cold.
The actress further added that her condition worsened as her temperature rose and she began to feel chills at night. At first she attributed it to a common cold, but she became increasingly concerned as her health deteriorated in the following days. Seeking medical attention when her condition did not improve, she underwent several tests that led to a diagnosis of hepatitis A.
Daisy clarified that her condition did not warrant hospitalization as it would not provide much benefit other than giving her a drip. She is currently receiving treatment at her home, also using serum. She emphasized, she is to ensure adequate hydration and nutrition despite the loss of appetite typically associated with her condition. Grateful for the support of her family who carefully care for her, she highlighted the importance of avoiding dairy products during this time.
In addition to talking about his health, Cha also reflects on marking this year a decade-long journey as an actor in the film industry. The actress stated that with 24 years of involvement in the industry, a decade as an actor did not make much of a change in the perception of her. She expressed feeling the same as before, highlighting his gratitude for the extensive experience acquired, which has provided him with various opportunities and learnings.

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