The crew has gained even more momentum and how. After surprising everyone with Rs. With 10.28 crores coming in on Friday, the film actually continued to add more to these numbers. Considering that the opening day was a partial Good Friday holiday, he already had a lead of around 30% on his side. Therefore, even if Saturday's collections had remained the same as Friday's, it would have meant a growth of around 30% in fair value terms. Still, there has been growth that proves once again that the film has been loved by audiences.

Crew Box Office: The movie also holds up quite well on Saturday, maintains its momentumCrew Box Office: The movie also holds up quite well on Saturday, maintains its momentum

With Rs. Earning Rs 10.87 crore on Saturday, the game is slated for Tabu starrer Kareena Kapoor Khan and Kriti Sanon. All three women have drawn the public to them and how. Also, it must be added that Ekta Kapoor's smart marketing approach ensured that a lot of interest was generated among the aam board. Instead of going over the top, it was all compact, clever marketing for the film in a limited period of time, and that was good enough to ensure that good awareness was created around it.

Rajesh Krishnan's film has now reached the score of Rs. 21.06 crores and rest assured there will be much more to come. Today the numbers will rise again, which should take the film comfortably beyond the Rs. 30 crore mark. Post that Rs. 50 crores will also come in a jiffy and it would be at the end of the first week that bets would start being placed on whether the film will have a real chance of entering the Rs. 100 Crore Club in his lifetime.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources.

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