It turned out to be a good Friday for Bollywood as over Rs. 10 million rupees came in. Article 370 and crackk They were the two premieres of the week and although the first had a very good premiere, the second also had a good performance. What further helped the collections was that Movie Lovers Day was (suddenly) declared a couple of days before the releases, as a result of which tickets became available for just Rs. 99. This helped increase footfall, although it worked more for crackk as it is a massive movie and therefore the lower ticket prices helped.

Box Office: Good day for Bollywood as Article 370 and Crakk cross Rs.  10 crore on Friday, Movie Lovers DayBox Office: Good day for Bollywood as Article 370 and Crakk cross Rs.  10 crore on Friday, Movie Lovers Day

Regarding the collections, Article 370 brought Rs. 6.12 crore on its first day and that is a really good figure considering the fact that this is a geopolitical drama with a lot of constitutional jargon. This could alienate a large part of the audience, but on the other hand there is a lot for the class audience, which means that in the premium multiplexes with more expensive tickets the film will arrive alone from today. With the film receiving high praise from critics and word of mouth among audiences being really strong, the collections are expected to increase over the weekend.

On the other hand, crackk It is an absolutely massive film and that is why it made sense to attract the maximum number of viewers from the first day, so that word of mouth spreads quickly. The film appeals to the nobility, although its refined treatment and true appeal on the big screen also appeal to the young generation, especially those who like games and extreme sports. A start of Rs. 4.11 crore has been earned which is the third best figure for Vidyut Jammwal after Command 3 and Command 2and now it's about the kind of momentum you gain from this point on.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources.

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