Box Office 2023: Cinema halls in 2023 achieved a huge footfall of Rs 94.30 crore with an average ticket price of Rs. 130: Bollywood Box Office


In a recent article, we mentioned how domestic box office grosses in 2023 were the highest ever. For the first time, the Rs. The Rs 12,000 crore mark was crossed and the total earnings of all films in all languages ​​were a huge Rs. 12,230 crores. In this special article, we will take a look at the national footprints.

As expected, attendance was much better than in the last three years. In 2017, for the first time, footfalls crossed the 100 crore mark, with the final figure settling at 101 crore. Footfalls fell slightly in 2018 to Rs 94.50 crore. But it jumped to a record 103 crore in 2019.

In 2020, the pandemic caused movie theaters to close for most of the year. Although cinemas were allowed to resume operations from October, the fear of going to theaters was great. This directly affected the footfalls. It plummeted to Rs 22.50 crore. 2021 was slightly better at Rs 42.7 crore.

In 2022, the cinemas began to operate in full operation. The fear disappeared when the number of cases decreased and moviegoers were ready to return to theaters. As a result, footfalls increased to 89.20 crore. And in 2023, it increased to Rs 94.30 crore.

The interesting thing is that it has not yet reached the levels of 2018, but considering the post-pandemic situation, the 2023 figure is encouraging. What also needs to be taken into account is that, although attendance is the third highest in history, last year's box office profits were the best in history. This shows that the average ticket price (ATP) also increased substantially, which helped the increase in collections.

In 2023, the ATP was Rs. 130. It is higher than ATP in 2019 i.e. Rs. 106. In the pandemic years, ticket prices were drastically reduced to attract the public. The ATP in 2020 and 2021 was Rs. 91 and rupees. 87 respectively. Jumped to Rs. 119 in 2022, which was also a record and in 2023 this figure was even exceeded.

Even when it comes to ATP, it differs depending on the language. Hollywood movies are mainly targeted at the elite and are also released in premium formats like IMAX, 3D, 4DX, etc. As a result, Hollywood's ATP was Rs. 237. Some of the biggest Hindi films were also released in these formats and their ATP was Rs. 196. In the Tamil and Telugu speaking markets there is control over ticket prices and audiences there enjoy films at reasonable prices. The ATP for Telugu and Tamil films was Rs. 94 and rupees. 89 respectively. The ATP of the Malayalam film was lower by Rs. 85, while for Kannada it was more, Rs. 103.

Domestic footfall (in millions of rupees)
Year 2015 – 90.3 cr.
Year 2016 – 90.1 cr.
Year 2017 – 101 cr.
Year 2018 – 94.5 cr.
Year 2019 – 103 cr.
Year 2020 – 22.5 cr.
Year 2021 – 42.7 cr.
Year 2022 – 89.2 cr.
Year 2023 – 94.3 cr.

Footfalls grew by 6% in 2023, but were below the pre-pandemic level (2019), indicating that gross box office growth in 2023 (15%) was driven more by an increase in the average price of the inflows (ATP) than by growth. in footsteps

Average Ticket Price (in Rs.)
Year 2015 – Rs. 92
Year 2016 – Rs. 96
Year 2017 – Rs. 95
Year 2018 – Rs. 104
Year 2019 – Rs. 106
Year 2020 – Rs. 91
Year 2021 – Rs. 87
Year 2022 – Rs. 119
Year 2023 – Rs. 130

The average ticket price grew by 9% during 2022 and is now 22% higher than the pre-pandemic level (2019).

Average ticket price by language for the year 2023
All India – Rs. 130 (119 rupees)
Hollywood: Rs. 237 (241 rupees)
Hindi: rupees. 196 (187 rupees)
Bengali – Rs. 106 (109 rupees)
Kannada – Rs. 103 (101 rupees)
Punjabi – Rs. 102 (99 rupees)
marathi – rupees. 99 (102 rupees)
Telugu: Rs. 94 (92 rupees)
Tamil: rupees. 89 (84 rupees)
Gujarati – Rs. 86 (87 rupees)
Malayalam – Rs. 85 (84 rupees)
Others – Rs. 75 (75 rupees)

The figures in parentheses indicate the average ticket price for the year 2022.

While there has been only a marginal increase in the average ticket price for individual language industries, the overall average ticket price has increased by 9%, due to the greater contribution from Hindi cinema, which operates at an average price of entries higher compared to the southern language industries. at the Indian box office.

Source: Ormax Box Office Report: 2023