Boney Kapoor reveals that his father was 'kicked out' of his jobs and they used to stay in Raj Kapoor's 'maid quarters' | Hindi Movie News


Filmmaker Boney Kapoor has revealed the early difficulties his family faced, including debt and major losses. She remembered how his father, Surinder Kapoorwas sent to Mumbai after losing ten jobs. bony and Anil Kapoor He made the decision to take charge of the matter after seeing the difficulties his family was facing in order to alleviate their father of greater stress.
During an interview with Galatta Plus, Boney said, “Prithviraj Kapoor brought my father to Mumbai. My grandfather handed over my father to Prithviraj ji because my father left 10-12 jobs. Left-wing, in the sense that he was expelled because he took the side of the workers and supported them, and fought for their causes. When his father married, they lived in Raj Kapoor's outhouse, which was usually inhabited by drivers and servants.
He further added, “When my grandmother passed away, Anil and I decided that he would act and I would take charge of the production. Someone had to run the show at home too. “My father had a heart problem, we didn’t want to cause him stress.”
Boney Kapoor shared that he started his career as an assistant and unfortunately, during the filming of one of his father's films, its director passed away. Fortunately, they found someone else to finish the film. Despite financial difficulties, they attempted to hire directors for their next project, but faced challenges. Boney said: “My father was in debt. “We were in a shithole.”
Boney Kapoor revealed that he started out as an assistant and unfortunately, the director of one of his father's films passed away while it was being filmed. Fortunately, they found a different person to finish the film. They tried to get directors for their next project, but encountered difficulties despite their financial difficulties. “My dad was in debt. We were in a shithole,” Boney said.
Boney Kapoor's latest production 'Maidaan' recently hit the big screens. The film stars Ajay Devgn and Priyamani in the lead roles. According to the makers, the film has collected Rs 31.86 crore so far.

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