Bluesky now allows heads of state to sign up for the social network


Social networking platform Bluesky lifted its ban on sign-ups for heads of state over the weekend. This means that various office holders can connect to this platform. This step of Bluesky has been taken before the major general elections to be held this year in countries like America and India.

Last year, during Bluesky's invite-only period, the company said it did not allow heads of state to sign up and asked users to contact the startup before inviting prominent figures.

“We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm in sending invitations, but our current policy is that we cannot yet include heads of state to join our beta. This also applies to recent/prominent heads of state,” the company said at the time.

Notably, in February, the company opened up the platform to anyone to sign up for the service after being in invite-only mode for nearly a year.

Bluesky faced moderation challenges early in his lifetime and grappled with issues such as allowing racial slurs in the handle. Separately, users have consistently pressured the platform to curb hate speech.

Last December, Bluesky added moderation lists with automated moderation tools. Last month, it announced the Ozone tool, which allows users to create their own moderation and labeling services.

With social networks now allowing political leaders to join the platform, there may be new types of moderation issues that have not yet been encountered. And it will need to prepare for different possibilities.

Bluesky's rival threads have distanced themselves from actively recommending political content. However, Bluesky users do not have to rely on a central algorithm to view different types of political content, as they can subscribe to different feeds.