Best Total Solar Eclipse Photos (2024)


The arrival of a total solar eclipse in America also brings with it an impressive series of photos. If you can't find a spot to view the eclipse in person — or if it's stuck behind uncooperative clouds — you can at least take in its splendor through these photos taken at various points during its journey. Can guess.

The path of totality began in Mexico on Monday morning, reaching Texas by the afternoon. By 4:40 pm ET, it will completely leave the US and move towards Canada. If you're in its path or near it, be sure to wear approved sunglasses to see it yourself — or make your own pinhole. And if you have pets or live near wildlife, NASA can help you find out how animals respond to the eclipse.

Otherwise, enjoy these incredible photos of the total solar eclipse over North America. The next one is 20 years away.

Brady, Texas

Photo of the Moon descending below the Sun's horizon during a total solar eclipse.

Photograph: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Fort Worth, Texas

photo of partial solar eclipse

Photograph: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

San Francisco, CA

Photo of view of partial solar eclipse in San Francisco California

Photograph: Typhoon Coskun/Anadolu/Getty Images

milwaukee, wi

Photo of people taking in the partial solar eclipse outside the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee Wisconsin on April 08, 2024

Photograph: Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Bloomington, IN

Photo of the early stages of a total solar eclipse in Bloomington, Indiana

Photograph: Josh Adelson/AFP/Getty Images

Washington DC

Photograph of three women watching the solar eclipse near the base of the Washington Monument on the National Mall

Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Photograph of the Moon passing in front of the Sun with the top of the Washington Monument in silhouette

Photograph: Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images

New York, NY

Photograph of woman wearing eclipse glasses on beam as she prepares to view a partial solar eclipse from a roof top...

Photograph: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Photo of a partial solar eclipse in the sky near the crown of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island

Photograph: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

niagara falls, ny

Photograph of the Moon eclipsing the Sun during a total solar eclipse at Niagara Falls State Park across North America...

Photograph: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Stowe, VT

Photo of the Moon eclipsed by the Sun during a total solar eclipse in Stowe Vermont, across North America

Photograph: Joseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images