Audrey Roloff PREGNANT with baby number 4: It's a…


The secret has come to light.

Because Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff can no longer contain their excitement.

In November, the former Small people, big world The stars confirmed that they are expanding their own A little piece of the world… jointly announcing that Audrey is pregnant with the couple's fourth child.

They made the announcement with a fun video featuring their 6-year-old daughter Ember; son Bode, 3; and his son Radley, 1.

Now they're back to announce the gender of Baby #4… and it is:

Jer and Auds in loveJer and Auds in love
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff always make us smile with their photos. They always seem so in love, don't they? (TLC)

Audrey Roloff is pregnant with another girl!

It's a girl!

On Thursday, Audrey made the big reveal on her Instagram Stories, sharing a video of the gender reveal with her family and even an ultrasound.

“Obviously we would have been excited no matter what,” he wrote. “But the happy dance doesn't lie. “I am so excited to be doing the girls thing again and for Ember to have her sister that she prayed so much for.”

Yes, after having two brothers, it's time for Ember to have a little sister to talk to!

Audrey also revealed that she had guessed it was going to be a girl, and that her guesses are usually correct!

“I've always had a pretty strong intuition about gender in each of my pregnancies and I can't believe I got the timing right!”

Announcing baby #4

“Secrets out… Baby number 4 is on the way!!!” Roloff shared the title of this footage.

“We are so excited to grow our family again and add another little grommet to our team!”

In the video, the three children and two parents are lining up outside their farm in Oregon.

Audrey then whispers the blessed news into her husband's ear…Jeremy yells “yes!!”…and throws his arms in the air…then picks up his pregnant wife before spinning her around.

A fun game of Telephone follows, in which each child discovers that a fourth baby is on the way, and then the video closes with all five family members screaming and jumping with excitement.

Look at the eyesLook at the eyes
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff look into each other's eyes in this screenshot from Little People, Big World. (Image credit: TLC)

For quite some time now, Audrey has openly expressed her desire to have at least one more child.

“We've never put a number on it,” she told followers about a year ago when asked if she would have more children. “But we don't feel like we're done.”

We don't know how far along Audrey is at the moment, but she responded pretty strongly last August after some social media users speculated that she might be pregnant.

Audrey and Jeremy rose to fame as cast members of Little People, Big World.

However, they left the show in 2018 due to supposedly contrived storylines and contracts that they considered too controlling.

Since then, the couple has written a couple of books about love and relationships and recently announced that they would be reviving their podcast.

Audrey and Jeremy as parents

Audrey breastfeeding her firstborn, Ember, in an episode of Small people, big world. (YouTube/TLC)

While Audrey and Jeremy sometimes feel dragged down by their parenting decisions, they certainly seem very dedicated to these important roles.

“Happy Father's Day to the best dad I've ever imagined doing this parenting thing with @jeremyroloff,” Audrey wrote in June.

A month earlier, he wrote online:

“Ever since we became parents, we have longed for the days when we gave our children a magical childhood filled with play, time in nature, building and creating, working together, being together, and learning by doing.

“There was a lot of heart behind why we wanted a property for our family, and we are very grateful to be here this season.”