Aruna Irani says Mehmood's wife stopped him from working with her as rumors of their affair were at their peak after 'Bombay To Goa' | Hindi Movie News


Iranian Aruna She is known for her dance numbers and vampire roles in Bollywood, but there is no denying the actress' notable work and screen presence. The actress had a great association with the legendary actor. Mehmood, known for his comedy in the '60s and '70s and went on to make many films with him. That led to rumors of their affair and there were also speculations that they were secretly married. In a recent interview, Aruna Irani stayed away from those and confessed that they were just good friends and he was more like her 'guru'.
She said during a Zoom chat, “We did a lot of films together. We were very good friends, hum bahut acche dost thay (we were very good friends). At that time Mumtaz became a heroine and Shubha Khote got married. The makers called girls to work alongside him and they cast me. Normally, it takes time to get good at comedy. Comedy is difficult, but I learned a lot from him. He was my guru, he taught me timing.”
Aruna admitted this later when Mehmood chose her to co-star in 'Bombay To Goa'. Amitabh Bachchan, these rumors were at their peak. “Two of my films… Caravan and Mumbai to Goa — They both appeared in theaters and they were both retired and I received a lot of praise for them… But I didn't get a job (afterwards). And this was because there were rumors that I had married Mehmood. But there was none of that. We were also stupid not to clean it. We should have called the media and cleared it up. “We were friends but nothing more and because of that rumor my trajectory changed in the Hindi film industry.”
The actress confessed that Mehmood's wife told her not to work with Aruna. She asked him to cast any other actress, but not her. The actress said that he told her, 'bohot jhagde ho rahe hai, isiliye hum kaam nahi kar sakte', and Aruna agreed to that. “Prabhu ne phir doosre raaste khol diye (God opened more doors for me),” Aruna said.
Aruna later married director Kuku Kohli.