AI-generated spoofs of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' are flooding Instagram and TikTok


A mixture of the real and the unreal may explain why some people are followers of the fake drag race They become so emotional about what they are seeing on their feed. Michael says he “lives for the extreme reactions of fans” who believe his creations are real people. He says that people often ask him for Rani's real Instagram handle.

“I sometimes get a hateful comment from someone, saying I'm taking jobs away from real drag queens,” he says. As a painter himself, Michael says he knows That “AI is coming for my job”, but he doesn't believe his Instagram passion project is taking money away from humans. “If someone isn't going to a club and tipping a real drag queen because they watched an AI Drag Race, that's a problem with that person, not with my Drag Race,” he says.

Fantasy Drag Race's MAS says she also clashed with other creators in the group chat after questioning how seriously they were taking the whole process. “I'm a queer, non-binary Mexican living in New York,” she explains. “Having someone say that my drag competition isn't their cup of tea or that some of the looks I've created are ugly, It won't affect me.” Still, she says, it makes sense that people become emotionally attached to her work.

unfortunately, that kind of Along with the attachment comes a sense of impending dread, as the whole idea of ​​AI has arisen drag race is a play on a big franchise. While some creators argue that what they're doing is parody, Grimmelman is absolving himself of posting what he calls an “almost completely useless” (or perhaps pointless) copyright disclaimer on his main Instagram page. , others admit that they are building their following on possibly shaky ground.

Many accounts, including those specifically featuring Disney characters, have already been removed from Instagram, giving some pause to creators who only use animated or existing characters. “I'm so scared of getting dropped,” says Hoss of Dregs Boopie. “But if I did, this would be it. I mean, what could I do?”

Shayne of Horror Drag Race says, “I make sure I don't do anything to sexualize the characters, and I don't do anything to dilute their true tone.” “I'm just merging two mediums – horror and drag race-and mixing it into something that both groups of fans can enjoy.”

This is not right drag race Fans who are enjoying the AI ​​experience. Mia Iman LePage, Queen of Season 16 drag race, Just take a look at the runway that appeared for the first time in a series of AI-generated images. One of her Season 16 sisters, Plain Jane, follows at least one of the AI ​​creators.

Michael of the official AI Drag Race says he has contacted several queens and asked to use their fictional creations as inspiration, with an unnamed queen from an international franchise asking Michael to create a runway look based on her Carla Montecarlo images. Asked to design the complete package of look. “I think it's only a matter of time before I look on TV and see something that I presented a year ago,” says Michael.