Aditya Narayan's Concert Row: The student whose phone the singer threw REACT |


A few days ago a video appeared of Aditya Narayan throw the fan phone in a concert It went viral on the Internet. He singer received a lot of criticism for the same. Reacting, Aditya had said, “Honestly, no comment. I answer to the Almighty.” Meanwhile, the director of the event had said that the boy whose phone Aditya threw was not even a college student. He constantly dragged Aditya's feet and was very irritating. “Only after that did he lose his cool. He must have taken almost 200 selfies with this student,” said the event director.
Both Aditya and the event director said these things in a Zoom interview. And now, the student involved in this scene has also spoken to the same news portal and explained his version of the events. His name is Lovkesh Chandravanshi and he is a third year undergraduate student at Rungta College. He said, “The concert was going on and I was standing in front of the stage. Aditya sir was performing and he was also taking everyone's phones and taking selfies with them. I was right next to the stage so I gave him my phone too.” “For the selfie, but he hit my hand with his microphone and then threw my phone for no reason. He was taking selfies with everyone, so I thought he would take them with me too, so I gave him my phone.”
He further criticized the claims of the event manager and said that he never touched him or hit Aditya and that can also be seen in the video. “People have been saying a lot of things, but this is the truth. No one actually hit him, we usually gave him our phones for selfies and he was even helpful. Even after throwing away my phone, he continued giving selfies to everyone. Just He knows what his mood was,” the student said.

Lovkesh has also decided that he will never go to Aditya's concerts again. “I used to like it, but ab aisi harkate karege usa kon pasond karega,” he said.
He further added that he does not want to file a complaint because he does not feel comfortable doing so and is also “afraid” to file a complaint.