A new Backroom variant just got a free demo for Steam Next Fest


If you've never ventured into the backroom before, rest assured, this creepy liminal space is echoed in the game's new variant, simply named. back room Somehow manages to make your classic office building even more awesome. Equipped only with a hazmat suit and hopefully a friend or two to use as a human shield, you'll be tasked with exploring a maze of yellow-wallpapered hallways in hopes of finding a way out.

While the premise is very simple, in practice, the back rooms are much more difficult to navigate. During the free demo, unfortunately, my group of explorers and I encountered a dangerous obstacle. It was all going very well; After being separated for a short time, everyone in the group managed to gather together thanks to a quick game of Marco Polo using proximity voice chat. But with no plan, no sense of direction, or clues as to what was about to happen, we explored the confusing corridors, desperately searching for clues that would lead us to the exit.